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Tech Talk


Greg gets the low down on the latest and greatest, from some of the best in the business, on the features and news about technology. From laptops, mobile systems, web development and especially online communications via social media, we’ll have it all right here on Tech Talk.



Do you love entertaining people but find yourself always stuck at the BBQ? Greg and Adam have a solution to that problem that will allow you to stay in the conversation and having your food BBQ-ed perfectly. They have that and what NOT to purchase because it just might lock you out of your own house.

Here are 8 reasons why the Samsung Note 8 is awesome and you should buy one. Also, this one app knows everything about you that's on your phone even when you tell it no. Find out the reasons and the app here.


I have a riddle for you...You're at home and starving for a Pizza. You decide to go on your smart phone and order delivery. Here's the thing though... there's no driver to deliver your pizza to you. How do you still get the pizza delivered? Tune in to find out!

Okay get this…Your alarm goes off and you get out of bed to get ready for the day. First though you have to brush your teeth for roughly 2-3 minutes to get a good brush and then go on with the rest of getting ready. All this stuff adds up and takes up a lot of unnecessary time. Well wouldn’t it be convenient if you could just spend 10 seconds brushing your teeth and have the same results? Greg and Adam have you covered in this week’s wacky ‘Tech Talk’ Tuesday.