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Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Awards Nominees Announced.

These are just a few of the amazing organizations and individuals who help make our community a great place to live, work and play. To show our appreciation and acknowledge the important work that they do, we will be honouring them at our Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Awards and would like you attend. Please help us congratulate our nominees.


#ShopCambridge. Shop Local

Customer Service has always been recognized as the key to business success and is now the most talked about issue in boardrooms across the country. As we all know, the role of those responsible for delivery and management of Customer Service is vital. Tell us who has gone above and beyond for you. Nominate someone today


Small Business, Too Big To Ignore


Small Business Too Big to IgnoreThe Cambridge Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and the Ontario Chamber Network is proud to be a part of the ambitious campaign, Small Business: Too Big To Ignore.


This campaign highlights the important contributions of small businesses to our economy and communities, and seeks to actively engage small businesses across the province in investigating the top barriers to small business growth - and identify solutions to overcome those challenges. To kick off this campaign the OCC has released the report, Top 3 Obstacles to Small Business Success.


The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce looks forward to leading discussions in our community about the underlying challenges that are weighing on small businesses and stifling job creation.


A strong and vibrant small business sector is important for all business. Small businesses are the wealth creators, job creators and risk takers. Small businesses have important relationships with big businesses as part of the economic ecosystem. Big businesses are often highly dependent on small businesses as suppliers, distributors, customers, innovators, and for developing a skilled and experienced workforce to draw from. Small businesses also make up the vast majority of our local membership, our volunteers, and are often the people actively involved in community service.


We want to hear from you. Please engage with us on the Small Business Too Big To Ignore campaign on Facebook and Twitter, share your input, and help spread the message about the importance of small business and why it cannot be ignored.


Chamber Perks Program


As a member of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, you have access to a host of Perks that come with membership. Through partnerships with Chamber members, we’ve established discounts to help you in your business. Whether it’s driving more customers through your door or helping you lower some overhead costs, all of our programs are designed to help you succeed. View our Chamber Perks.



Our Cambridge.... A Gift to the World


Our Cambridge Cover


Our Cambridge ... A Gift to the World showcases Galt, Preston and Hespeler with their rivers, incredible historic architecture and hi-tech companies. This has made for a wonderful project...a collection of images and a gift book that corporations, residents and visitors will simply love.


The Book is a hard cover, jacketed coffee table book, great for your home, office or as a gift to visiting customers and suppliers.  Click here to purchase your copy.





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Research tells us that when consumers know that a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 44% more likely to think favourably of it and 63% more likely to purchase products or services from that business in the future.


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