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Ontario releases new colour-colded framework for COVID-19 restrictions


NOVEMBER 3, 2020: The Ontario government released a brand new, colour-coded COVID-19 framework document today that outlines when both preventative and responsive measures should be lifted or introduced in different regions across the province.


The new document, titled the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework, categorizes public health unit regions into five levels based on their local COVID-19 situation: Green-Prevent, Yellow-Protect, Orange-Restrict, Red-Control, and Lockdown (which is a measure of last and urgent resort).


Daily Screening Tool

We have partnered with Get Ready, a CBRN and Chamber Member, to deliver this tool to each of our member partners so they can meet compliance and be better prepared to work with Public Health should a worker get sick or exposure occurs in the workplace.

The Get Ready Daily Screening Tool™ is available starting at $19.99 per month. There are no additional fees for screening and tracking essential visitors, customers, or contractors.

This tool gives staff the ability to fill out the tool on their mobile device or desktop. Managers have access to the dashboard to review staff and visitor screening results.

The Ontario Government requires that all workplaces must implement Daily Screening for any workers or essential visitors entering the work environment.


Please click on to be taken to the Get Ready shopping cart to make the purchase. Enter COUPON CODE N4VZVV6N to receive a 10% discount as Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Member.









Coronaviruses are viruses that are common in humans and animals, such as bats, cattle, and cats. At times animal coronaviruses infect people and spread. COVID-19 has been spreading from person to person in several countries, most notably China.


Here are some good practices to take note of:


  • People who are sick need to stay home particularly if they have a fever and should not come back to work until they have been fever free for 24 hours.

  • People who have visited locations that are known to have COVID-19 outbreaks should self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return.

  • Encourage everyone to use the utmost in person hygiene behaviors such as frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer use.

  • Clean work areas frequently, particularly those that are used by multiple people.

  • Resist handshakes or other greetings that might spread the virus. Some have taken to elbow tapping or fist pumping instead.

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue so that there is zero spread from the cough or sneeze.

  • If you or someone around you displays any type of respiratory distress immediately get help.

  • The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce will have hand sanitizers at all events.

  • Should anyone at any Cambridge Chamber of Commerce event become infected with COVID-19 all attendees of the event will be notified as well as Ontario Health officials.


The Chamber will continue to follow the advice of the Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services, who are working with the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario and other healthcare providers and agencies to monitor the situation and coordinate actions as appropriate.


We recognize that this is an evolving situation, and we will continually reassess our policies and procedures as new information becomes available. If there are cancellations or changes to our schedule, we will notify all event registrants by email and/or phone. Additionally, any cancellation notices will be posted on our social media channels and website.