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President & CEO's Message

What an amazing organization I have the privilege of leading. The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce one of the larger Chambers in Canada, and one of the most notable Canadian Chambers in North America and around the world. One of only two Chambers in Canada to be recognized with a World Chamber Award, which in of itself is remarkable.

I’ve had the opportunity of representing our local business community on the international stage as well as throughout Canada and I’ve always been proud of my community and the members of this great organization.

Lean and mean is what I call our organization, some of the most creative and hardworking individuals you will find in any organization, always looking for opportunities for change rather than waiting for it. We embrace the latest and greatest technology has to offer, we find the way to get the job done in every case, the Cambridge Chamber is widely seen as the lead community organization.

The focus of our Chamber is directly on our Members. We know that our success is driven by our members success so we principal that cause ensuring that each of our members knows and has confidence in us helping them, connecting them and guiding them to success. We completely understand that all things come from a successful corporate community. Wealth is built and communities are built through a vibrant and prosperous environment.

This website is dedicated to providing resources to those looking to do business in Cambridge and to those doing business in Cambridge. From Chamber University, where our members and our community can further their knowledge and skills through a comprehensive course catalog of courses online at chamberuniversity, to online video interviews with other peer business leaders, Politicians and with highly skilled technology experts. Our website is very extensive, but not unlike the organization itself. No matter what the issue, business should be engaging with us. We know our way around the political spectrum, we can connect virtually anyone with anyone else, we can connect you abroad, again wherever you want to go.

You will not find a better more friendly atmosphere than at a Cambridge Chamber event, so if you haven’t been out in a while, or are new to the Chamber family, hold on because your ride is about to begin. Call us, email us, or just drop in on us at the Chamber, we’d be happy to help you in any way we possibly can. I look forward to seeing you, or meeting you, and as always I welcome you to our Chamber Network Family (CNF).  


Greg Durocher
President & CEO

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce
Accredited Chamber of Commerce 2014-2016

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