Cambridge Chamber of Commerce



With more than 50 events annually, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce has an abundance of marketing opportunities specifically intended to drive visibility for your company. Whether it is in the form of networking or sponsorship, our events have been carefully designed to allow our members maximum access to all levels of audiences.

Get involved and expand your reach at one of our many events. Connect with other like-minded individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and emerging entrepreneurs.


Our people-connecting events provide a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself and grow your network. The Chamber provides innovative programs and educational opportunities, as well as some great fun-filled and entertaining events. Don’t miss out!


Make valuable connections and gain professional knowledge at our events.

See our calendar below for a list of our upcoming events. We hope to see you there!



Are you signed in before registering for an event?  Not to worry! To ensure that your registration is assigned to you and not the main contact on your accounts, please log in first.  Your username is your email address on file.  If you have forgotten your password, request a new one.   

Cancellation Policy: 5 business Days for Breakfasts, 7 business days for Lunches and Learning Networks. 10 Business Days for Award Nights, Special Events  and Golf Tournaments. If you are unable to make an event and have missed the cancellation period, we encourage you to send someone else. There will be no refunds.


Under the provisions set out in the Reopening Ontario Act, approved by the Ontario Legislature, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is required by law to uphold all statutes and requirements of the Act, as well as all statutes and provisions provided by the Waterloo Region Public Health Authorities section 22 order.


Those requirements are, that in all settings for gatherings, Meeting and event spaces (includes banquet halls, conference and convention centres), must required all patrons show valid proof of full vaccination and identity as well as contact tracing information in order to enter, or a government approved exemption with the disclosure of full original documentation from a Physician or Registered Nurse, containing the following information; Name and contact information of the physician or registered nurse in the extended class;  - Logo or letterhead identifying the physician or registered nurse in the extended class; - Statement that there is a medical reason for the individual’s exemption from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19; and - Any effective time-period for the medical reason which includes the date the patron is seeking access to the business or organization.


Under the provisions afforded by the Reopening Ontario Act, the Cambridge Chamber has opted in the program as well and requires all visitors to the Chamber offices to be fully vaccinated for any meetings or programs at the Chamber Office at 750 Hespeler Road. For those attending the Chamber, with a valid exemption for COVID 19 vaccination status, and having the valid documentation to present, the additional requirement will be that they take a rapid antigen screening test prior to entry, which will be provided at no cost from the Chamber.


As these requirements are specified in the rules for Step 3 under O. Reg. 364/20 under the ROA, existing enforcement provisions, as provided for under that Act, apply. Businesses or organizations are responsible for ensuring they meet the requirements regarding proof of identification and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 as outlined in the regulation. Patrons are required to ensure that any information they provide to the business or organization to demonstrate proof of vaccination (or proof of qualifying for an exemption) and proof of identification is complete and accurate. Canada’s Criminal Code deals with matters such as violent acts and threats. The police should be contacted in these situations. Harassment may also be a matter that falls under the Criminal Code or Ontario’s Human Rights Code. In the event of harassment or threats of acts of violence, law enforcement should be contacted.