Cambridge Chamber of Commerce



Why Leadercast?


Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. At Leadercast, we help leaders like you realize their leadership potential to be someone others will follow. We do this through world-class events, solutions and resources for leaders at all levels and in all industries.


No matter your title or experience, our breadth of leadership content and network of expert leaders provide you with actionable insights, stories and lessons to guide you on your leadership journey. Whether you need tools to lead yourself, your team or your organization, Leadercast will build you into a leader worth following.


Leadercast - Waterloo Region (held in May)

The Cambridge Chamber of of Commerce hosts a one-day leadership event. Leadercast - Waterloo Region features a lineup of world-renowned leaders, speaking on topics that will motivate and inspire you and your team to identify and develop their own leadership voice. It's accessible. It's affordable. It's for every leader at every level who aspires to articulate and demonstrate the power of change through positive leadership.


Leadercast Women - Waterloo Region (held in November)

Leadercast Women is a halfl-day, leader development experience simulcast from Ohio. The Leadercast Women event creates a positive, safe, comfortable, and collaborative environment for women to have an amazing leadership experience.

This one day event has the potential to transform your leadership journey and positively impact the rest of your life. Leadercast Women is MORE THAN JUST A ONE DAY EVENT... you will become a part of the Leadercast family, individuals who strive to be leaders worth following. Throughout the day, they will share their experiences, strategies, expertise, and provide relevant takeaways that will help you grow as a leader.