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Certificates of Origin

What is a certificate of origin?
A certificate of origin is a stamped document that verifies where goods are manufactured, so governments can assess tariff rates and enforce embargoes on imports.


The origin of the goods refers to the location the final product was assembled, not its parts. For goods that were manufactured in multiple countries, the country that bore more than 50 percent of the costs of assembly is considered the country of origin. All valid certificates must be signed by the exporter and then verified and stamped by a local chamber of commerce.


Does the Cambridge Chamber provided a certificate of origin?
We provide document certification for our members that require Certificates of Origin for shipments made internationally.  A Certificate of Origin is a document attesting goods in a shipment are produced or manufactured in a particular country (Country of Origin).  Chambers world wide offer this important trade support service.


The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce only certifies the following document:

  • Certificates of Origin


Documents Not Certified by the Cambridge Chamber

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce cannot certify the following documents (not an all-inclusive list):


  • Certificates of Origin relating to international trade agreements such as NAFTA

  • Certificates of Value (can be obtained from freight forwarders)

  • Certificates of Composition or Analysis (weights/materials, etc.)

  • Certificates of Insurance

  • Certificates of Fumigation

  • Certificates of Free Sale

  • Confirmation of Price Lists

  • Documents issued by the federal or provincial/territorial governments

  • Documents issued by foreign entities (government, company, etc)

  • Documents with references to quality or human consumption

  • Letters of invitation (entry into Canada)

  • Personal documents (marriage/death certificates, divorce papers, etc.)

  • Documents with boycott clauses or inferring boycotting

  • Documents issued in a foreign language

  • Confirmations of business registration

  • Visa applications

  • Agency/representation agreements


Documents certified by the Cambridge Chamber must meet the following requirements:

  • Issued by a Waterloo Region company

  • Accompanied by the proper background documentation

  • Accompanied by the proof of business registration with the federal or provincial government

  • Original document duly signed by an authorized representative and notarized (or letter of waiver must be on file) 


Please take a few minutes to review the Certificate of Origin Information and Insutructions. This will ensure that you bring the necessary documentation.  We are unable to sign any certificates without the proper documentation.


If we do not have a Formal Undertaking (Letter of Waiver) for your business on file, please use the attached sample.


This service is complimentary for Chamber Members Only.

Non-Member Rates : $40 per page


For more information please contact:

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

[email protected]

519.622.2221 ext 2221