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As of May 21, 2020 Amount Raised


Thank you to the following contributors

Darren Drouillard

Nicole Pereira, Cambridge Centre Honda


Greg & Lisa Durocher, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

John Jackson

Melissa Davidson


Michelle and Mark Trombley

Scott Bridger


We should all know that more than 98% of businesses who employ us, our families and friends, are SMALL BUSINESSES. We should also know these businesses employ 70% of our workforce and form the very foundation of our local and national economies.

Today, they are hurting. Unfortunately, some won't make it through this, and people's lives will be dramatically disrupted. BUT you can help. The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is asking everyone who shops at, works for, or just LOVES our small business community to help them weather this storm.

We can't provide the total solution, but for those who just need a little breathing room, we can help. So please, click on this link and contribute what you can - any amount will help. We will collect these contributions and help only those who are most vulnerable to the situation of the day.

Like many others, the Chamber is also facing challenges, but our true fortitude lies in the strength of our small business network which is why we are committed to helping as many of those who have put their lives and hearts into their unique, small business and get the small help they need. 

When we help them, we're helping all of us.  

Although we can't make any guarantees, we do know that with a little support, some of these businesses will be back and better than ever. This fund is established for the purpose of assisting those local small businesses that will have extraordinary expenses in order to fully open their business. Whether it is for materials required to provide Physical Distancing protocols, or barriers to protect their staff and customers, or equipment and materials required for safety purposes like masks, gloves and sanitization equipment. Many will need help, so help us, help them, with any amount you can because it's the only way some of them will have the opportunity to reopen their businesses.

A committee of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce will accept applications, review them and depending on the contributions received, we’ll help as many as possible. The contributions will not be equitably delivered as some businesses will have greater challenges than others, so we want to be sure, your money truly helps. We will conscientiously and intently scrutinize all applications. Those who have received government support and are not in a desperate way, may not qualify, those in most need will get our attention and the committee of the Chamber will endeavour to meet those needs. 100% of the proceeds from Donor Box will be distributed to small businesses in the Cambridge Community, whether a Member of the Chamber or not, this is about our business community and the people who provide employment, create jobs and contribute to our collective economy.

On behalf of the thousands of small businesses in our community, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Together we can make a difference, we can come back, and we can help.

NOTE: The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is NOT a registered Charity and cannot give donation receipts. Your help is a contribution in helping us, help small businesses struggling as a result of COVID 19 Provincial requirements.

Does Your Business Need Assistance?

If you are a business and need assistance, click here to apply.