Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Recovery Assistance Fund

“The intent of this fund is to be a help, not a total solution”

Thank you for submitting a request for funding from our #HelpSaveSmallBizCbridge program. The intent of this program is to offer a small amount of support for businesses that might be struggling to meet new guidelines in order to reopen for business and enable a safe working environment for staff as well as customers.

A Committee from Cambridge Chamber of Commerce will have the sole discretion of the distribution of the funds and those funds will not necessarily be distributed equitably. Different businesses will have different needs and our intent is to help as many as possible but recognize some may have a greater need than others.

We should also note that these funds are raised from contributions of those who find it important to help small businesses revive their operations and that the Chamber will do its very best to assist those in most need and those who have failed to qualify for other government assistance.

There is a charge for the fundraising service provided by Donor Box, which the fund will absorb as the Chamber is not able to fund the costs of services to operate this fund. 100% of all funds received from Donor Box after they remove their administration fee, will be distributed to small businesses in the Cambridge Community whether a Member of the Chamber or not.

Recovery Application

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* Nature of your business
* Share your story with us. (1000 character limit)
* Government Programs
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Reason for not applying for Government Programs
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* Estimated Anticipated Reopening Costs
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A Committee of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce will review the applications and based on need, and the level of impact we can establish, you will be advised of the amount you will receive. The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is not a registered charity, and the purpose of this program is to assist, where we can, given the unprecedented nature of the economic environment. We cannot make any promises as there is no way to know how large the fund will be. However, we do intend to help as many as possible, and to help those who need it the most.

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to disqualify or limit the proceeds of any applicant who in our opinion has the resources or the ability to access funds through Government programs or other opportunities. Please do not anticipate this will give you full access to funding that will cover all costs, this may only provide a contribution to what the total costs may be.