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Greg sits down with Business and Political Leaders in our community to discuss the issues of the day. These are popular 10 to 15 minute interviews, dealing with hot topics that affect Business in Canada, Ontario and our local area. We welcome your feedback, or any recommendations of guests you would like us to feature.



A Conversation with Chris Wood - Region Of Waterloo International Airport General Manager

Greg took a trip to the Region of Waterloo International Airport and had a chat with Chris Wood. They discussed the newest upgrade to the airport which is the control tower. Also...a new flight service has hit the run way that gets you to Billy Bishop Airport in just 18 minutes. That and more in this interview!


A Conversation with John Neufeld, Executive Director House of Friendship

Greg sat down with John Neufeld - Executive Director for the House of Friendship to discuss the new building they purchased in Cambridge as well as a little history behind the charity.

A Conversation with Joan Fisk, CEO United Way Waterloo Region Communities

Greg sits down with Joan and discusses what it's like taking over the newly formed United Way Waterloo Region Communities. Also, Joan goes into detail as to what she has planned to make this United Way as innovative as possible.

Region of Waterloo International Airport - New Airline

For those who haven't heard yet...The secret is out. A new airline ( is coming to the Region of Waterloo International Airport on May 15th. This will allow you to get to the airport 15 minutes before your flight and once you're up in the will be at Billy Bishop Airport in 18 minutes. Once landed...A shuttle will take you to your meeting or you can catch your next Porter flight. This membership will allow you to have UNLIMITED flights for the month. Greg has all the other details you need in this Vlog..

New Garbage Rules

Helen Jowett - Regional Councillor for Cambridge joins Greg to talk about why the new garbage rules are a positive for the community. It allows us to help clean up the environment and to recycle more.

A Conversation with Mayor Sue Foxton

North Dumfries Mayor Sue Foxton sat down with Greg to discuss everything happening within North Dumfries. She even mentions whether or not she will seek re-election.