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CATEGORY: Volunteer of the Year

Award Criteria:

Nominees must have been involved in volunteering for the equivalent of at least 100 hours over a 12-month period. Nominees must have volunteered for a legitimate not-for-profit organization, service club or community group. The communities of Cambridge/Township of North Dumfries or Waterloo Region must be significant beneficiaries of the nominee's volunteer work.

The write up should include:


1.  Organization/Group the nominee volunteered for
2.  Organization/Group the nominee volunteer position
3.  How the nominees work made an impact in the community?

4.  How long has the nominee been volunteering?
5.  Any additional background information for the judges about the nominees

A minimum of 2 letters and/or testimonials from others who support the nomination from a business stand point. These letters should:

  • Be written by an employer, colleague, organization, customer, or a community leader who can support this nomination

  • Be signed by the individual who wrote the letter

  • Demonstrate that you have met the award criteria

Please upload a photo of the nominee to be displayed during the visual presentation.

What's the Process?

1.  Nomination submission must be submitted by the deadline date.

2. The committee will be charged to base their decision solely on the nominee’s accomplishments as documented on the nomination submission.

3.  Each Judges’committee member will review the nominations and rate them on a rate scale 1(lowest) to 5(highest) in each category.

4.  The Judges’ committee will meet as a group and a vote will be taken with each committee member ranking each nominee in the areas of criteria.

5.  The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce will verify the votes and results of the committee.

6.  The nominee with the most committee votes is selected in each category.

7.  In case of a tie the committee will cast a second round vote of the tied candidates only.

8.  Winners will be announced at the annual Cambridge & North Dumfries Community awards in November.

9.  Members of the selection committee are not eligible to be nominated.

10. Nominators are not eligible to serve on the selection committee.

11. All entries will remain the property of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.


Submission and File Uploads

* Nomination Category
* Organization Name
Project Name
This applies to the Best Corporate/Not-For Profit Partnership, Best Marketing Campaign and Group Volunteer Awards
* Question#1
Please answer question #1, Maximum word limit is 1000
* Question #2
Please answer question #2, Maximum word limit is 1000
* Question #3
Please answer question #3, Maximum word limit is 1000
Question #4
Please answer question #4, Maximum word limit is 1000
* Contact Information
Please provide us with your name
* Contact Email Address
File Uploads
Following documents will be accepted: doc, docx, pdf. IMAGES accepted are jpg, png. Presentation files ppt, pptx. Zip files are also accepted. Maximum of 3 uploads at 2MB each
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