Cambridge Chamber of Commerce


Chamber Circles for Women


Anything is possible when women gather to share their experiences and cheer each other on.


Keeping this in mind, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce ‘Chamber Circles for Women’, a new program aimed at doing just that by providing local female business leaders the opportunity to grow and learn from one another by establishing mentoring circles to share their collective knowledge.


Chamber Circles outline:

Session 1: Welcome. Group introductions. Get to know each other.

Introduce yourself, meet others and discuss best practices for group sessions.


Session: 2: Bringing creativity into your work role

Chamber Circles group members will be empowered to explore ways to re-energize themselves by introducing more creativity into their day-to-day responsibilities.


Session 3: New ways to manage yourself & others

Discuss tips and strategies will be offered to find better ways for group members to manage themselves and others.


Session 4: Receiving and giving effective feedback

Circle members will explore actionable ways to provide better feedback and build healthier mindsets around receiving feedback.


Session 5: Continuous evolution and resiliency

Circle members will be encouraged to discuss how to continue growing, learning, and maintaining resilience amidst ongoing change.


Session 6: Wrap up and reflection

Group members will reflect on all their sessions.


The benefits of mentoring circles


This modern form of mentoring imparts a feeling of inclusivity that can help participants feel more connected and engaged by bringing together peers who share common interests or learning objects to develop and learn together. The benefits include:


  • Improved personal and career development: You can learn new skills, gain insights, and receive feedback from your mentor or mentee. You can also explore your strengths and weaknesses, identify your career aspirations, and plan your next steps.
  • Mentorship breeds better workplace leaders: If you are a mentor, you can enhance your leadership skills by sharing your knowledge and experience with others. You can also develop a sense of purpose and satisfaction by helping someone grow and succeed.
  • Mentorship builds diversity: You can expand your network and exposure to different perspectives and cultures by engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. You can also foster a more inclusive and respectful work environment by learning from each other.
  • Allows for reverse mentoring: You can benefit from learning new skills from someone who is more familiar with them. You can also challenge your assumptions and practices by getting fresh ideas and feedback from someone who has a different point of view.
  • Supports a learning culture: You can contribute to creating a collaborative learning environment where everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and skills. You can also access more learning resources and opportunities by being part of a mentoring community.
  • Reduces training costs: You can save time and money by learning from someone who has already gone through the same challenges and situations as you. You can also avoid common mistakes and pitfalls by getting guidance and support from someone who has more expertise and experience.


Register today! Only 32 spots.


Chamber Circles will run annually from January to June, and July to December and is an exclusive program of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. Click here to register.


Looking for more information?  Click here for frequently asked questions.  If you still have questions, please reach out to Amrita Gill.