Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

How Can We Help?

Having a Grand Opening or special day for your business? 

Contact Scott Bridger, Vice President of Membership Services and Engagement, he can help you connect with suppliers who are members and can help make the event memorable, and he is always willing to ensure that the right Dignitaries and Special Guests are invited. This is important, and we can help make this happen and get you the attention you deserve.

Got a Problem? 

Whether it is a local planning issue, problem with Federal or Provincial regulations or connecting with suppliers, contact Greg Durocher, President/CEO, he will help you wade through the issues and come to a speedy conclusion.

Looking to open new doors and find new customers?

All our Chamber staff have ideas that can connect you with potential customers. Let us introduce you around town, we’ll give you ideas that can open up those new channels that can create more business.

Opening a New Restaurant?

How about talking with Scott Bridger, Vice President of Membership Services and Engagement. He has a program that has done wonders to launch new eating establishments in town. He will make sure the right people know who you are, and where you are, so you can get your business out of the gate in fine fashion.

International Trade

If your need is to connect to the Global business community, whether that be in China, Dubai, Ireland, Hungary, USA or anywhere else in the world, just connect with Greg Durocher, President/CEO, he has connections to business communities throughout the world. He will not only point you in the right direction, he will engage help there to arrange meetings, and find businesses that meet your needs. Greg will also connect you to one of the worlds BEST international conferences right here in Canada, called Centrallia, where business is done and relationships are built. Contact Greg anytime.

Have an Issue?

Greg Durocher, President/CEO has the connections in government and bureaucracy to get your voice heard. Arranging meetings, preparing briefs, making submissions and affecting change is what the Chamber loves to do. We know that the landscape isn’t always perfect and that government needs to change things so we can develop and grow our businesses. Don’t let it keep you up at nights, let us help you carry your cause, express your voice to those who can make it right.

Looking for Someone/Something?

We know it sounds odd, but if you have a need, if you’re looking for someone or something, always think of turning to the Chamber first. Often times we have the answer at our finger tips, or we know exactly where to get it. Our job is to help you meet your needs, connect to the community in a broader way and we want you working hard on your business, so leave the digging to us.