Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award

Award Description: Nominees must be 18 years or younger. Nominees must have volunteered for a legitimate not-for-profit organization, service group or community group. The communities of Cambridge/Township of North Dumfries or Waterloo Region must be significant beneficiaries of the nominee’s volunteer work.

Deadline: September 30, 2020

Award: $1000

Submission Form

A select group of Cambridge Chamber of Commerce members will select the recipient of this years sholarship awards based on the following.  Each question should be kept to 500 characters.

All nominees will be recognized and recipient will be announced at the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce  - Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Awards.

* Participation
How have you actively participated in projects that have benefited the improvement of your community?
* Leadership
How have you influenced your school and/or community through your leadership?
* Setting Example
How have you set a good example for other youth?
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* School Name:
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