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Tech Talk


Greg gets the low down on the latest and greatest, from some of the best in the business, on the features and news about technology. From laptops, mobile systems, web development and especially online communications via social media, we’ll have it all right here on Tech Talk.



Apple is Making Waves

Apple is making waves yet again with their recent patent. This time it includes a Pizza though…Check this out to see why Apple and a pizza are even in the same sentence. Also, police in Australia have come up with a way to find out if you will commit the same crime in the future that you committed in the present. We’ve got that and lots more in this week’s Tech Talk.

No End to Technology

Have you ever felt like going up to the vending machine…press A7 and out pops a Lamborghini? Or D2 gets you the blue Ferrari. Well if you are reading this thinking it’s impossible…think again. Greg and Adam discuss where this exact thing exists and much more on this week’s Tech Talk!


In this episode of 'Tech Talk'...Greg and Adam discuss the possibility that in Australia...this important piece of physical identification might become obsolete in a few years.


Also, Nissan is now building an effective way to curb texting and driving in their cars.

Greg and Adam are back and they discuss how this type of audio file is now completely dead. It used to be accessible to everyone…but now that money is involved…it’s completely dead. Also, there’s a huge car manufactory country that is now allowed to test autonomous vehicles. Tune in to find out more.








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